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For many years now, the heating sector has not usin biogaz suisse anti aging given the consideration it deserves by those in the world of politics. People have preferred to discuss the emotional subject of electricity.

As such, it is really positive that the subject is now being tackled more consistently in terms of responsibility for energy and the environment. What do these regulations mean for Hoval? Italy places emphasis on photovoltaics From 1 JanuaryItaly has stipulated the use of photovoltaics as a matter of principle for new usin biogaz suisse anti aging of any size and for the renovation of buildings with a living 2 area of more than m. However, solar panels may not be elevated for aesthetic reasons; the panels must be integrated into façades usin biogaz suisse anti aging roofs.

Another specification: Half of the energy for heating industrial water and half of all the energy used for heating, providing hot water usin biogaz suisse anti aging cooling must come from renewable sources. The cantons have until to convert these general model standards into cantonal laws. The model standards stipulate that the party creating the respective new building s must independently produce at least 10 watts of electricity per square metre of energy reference area, which will have the effect of intensifying the trend towards using photovoltaics.

Furthermore, only heat generators that use renewable energy are deemed suitable for new buildings. Younger buildings, built from onwards for example, and extensively insulated older houses are likely to achieve class D classification and can therefore replace a gas or oil boiler with a condensing boiler. On the whole however, bivalent systems, which rely on fossil fuels and renewable energy or entirely on renewable energies, are becoming even more common.

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We are optimally prepared. We are also very well positioned in the field of alternative energy and controlled comfort ventilation. Thanks to our sophisticated system technology ® and the opportunities offered by the TopTronic E platform, we can also provide integrated complete solutions in the field of bivalent systems fossil fuels combined with alternative energy. In this context, our expertise and experience in the district heating sector are also becoming more and more attractive.

Do you also see any threats because of these regulations? It is possible that fewer people will be willing to have their heating systems upgraded. Generally, the regulations do not say that upgrades have to be carried out — they only say how they are to be carried out. The associated additional costs may result in upgrades being delayed.

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It therefore seems important to me that the option of a condensing boiler combined with solar thermal energy as a reasonably priced alternative must be a consideration.

Ultimately, this is still much better for our environment than doing absolutely nothing. And we should not forget that biogas and bio oil are becoming increasingly important.

Automobilové Automobilové baterie Bez ohledu na to, zda řídíte své úplně první auto, rodinné auto, auto vybavené funkcí start-stop nebo auto s bohatou výbavou s vyššími nároky na energii, navedeme Vás ke správným bateriím VARTA® pro Vaše auto. Nákladní Nákladní baterie V sektoru užitkových vozidel se hodně změnilo: legislativa stanovující přísnější emisní normy, počet přenocování ve vozidlech, více komfortních zařízení a řada dalších elektrických spotřebičů, např.

Will innovative technologies such as fuel cells win the race as a result of these regulations? I am sceptical that technologies in the lower output range, such as fuel cells, will become quickly established. The majority of people are not ready to pay a considerably higher amount for technology operated with fossil fuels as cost-effectiveness cannot be calculated in this output range. At Hoval, we focus much more on our solution expertise — ® on smart systems combined with our intelligent TopTronic E controller platform.

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We see significantly more potential here in the medium term. Taking into account current weather forecasts or the latest energy prices for the intelligent control of bivalent systems are just two examples that can result in significant benefits. In the market: Germany. The two companies complement each other perfectly and therefore merged within twelve months: Hoval is the expert for heating, ventilation and cooling and YADOS GmbH, located in the German town of Hoyerswerda, is specialised in local and district heating as well as combined heat and power plants.

All parties concerned are requested to manage existing customer relationships established by YADOS in the same way and with the same level of quality, Peter Gerner adds.

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The service package offered by Saxon company YADOS covers four fields: energy production, heat compact stations, heat distribution stations and control and communication technology. Existing customer relationships established by YADOS are managed in the same way and with the same level of qualilty. Insights No.

Hoval Enventus: the perfect partner for energy recovery Hej! Just by looking at customary greetings it is possible to see that Sweden and the Principality of Liechtenstein have more similarities than you might think. Enventus as a specialist for rotary heat exchangers and Hoval as a top supplier of plate heat exchangers are the perfect match — two major suppliers found each other and together they can jak se zbavit přetížení their customers even more than before.

Since merging, Hoval and Enventus have appeared in many markets together as reliable suppliers of the technically superior energy-recovery solutions of today and tomorrow.

Customers are receiving the comprehensive range of what the brand has to offer extremely positively. Over the past few months, the teams in Sweden and Liechtenstein have grown together in a virtually ideal way. The fact that the company cultures in Jönköping and Vaduz are very similar has been really helpful throughout the process.

Both companies are worldwide leaders with their rotary and plate heat exchangers: The Hoval Enventus team from the Swedish city of Jönköping has already integrated itself into the Hoval Group in the best way possible. In the market: China. In-house production in China In light of the growing market in China, Hoval is now manufacturing on-site. Hoval has operated in China for a good 30 years now — with distribution partners to start with and then with its own distribution company usin biogaz suisse anti aging the past 13 years.

The market in China has developed significantly in the last few decades — as has distribution company; Hoval Oriental.

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Hoval is thereby giving itself more opportunities to open up new market segments as well as further develop and consolidate its position in the Asian market. Peter Frick describes the production hall in Langfang as a long-term investment in an ever-growing market. In the future, wind energy and cooling solutions, systems for energy recovery ® and the HomeVent comfort ventilation systems are to be manufactured on-site for the Chinese market.

Image at the bottom: Beforehand, the three gentlemen cut through the ribbon together. News in brief. The executive board joined in with the celebrations and wish Peter Frick continued luck, health and all the best for the future. They came from all areas of the country to meet in the centre of Switzerland in the Swiss Museum of Transport, where the history of Swiss rail, street and air transport is brought to life.

However, what was more important than visiting the museum was being together and celebrating the year anniversary. There was lots of chatting, laughter and fine food. When a major anniversary, such as 70 years, comes up, then there is a real reason to celebrate: Hoval Austria invited people to take part in a competition on its website. Around people took part in order to win one of the — drum roll!

The main prize was worth EUR a voucher redeemable when purchasing a Hoval product. And to top it all off, the anniversary was then applauded at the in-house Christmas party. The activities motivated and rejuvenated the staff: in any case, the team from Hoval Austria has embarked Přísady proti stárnutí v kosmetice its 71st year with great enthusiasm.

In operation: Football in Europe. Hoval keeps the football community For Hoval, every year is a year of football: so that the teams always have enough hot water to have showers and the rooms are pleasantly warm, stadium managers prefer to use a high-performance system from Hoval. In the world-famous Wembley Stadium in London, for example, the entire building complex and grass pitch are heated by Hoval.

Usin biogaz suisse anti aging of other clubs in the English Premier League also rely on Hoval quality solutions. With other systems throughout Europe, Hoval keeps the football community happy with quality solutions England: The Emirates Stadium for English Premier League football club Arsenal was built in and provides spaces for approximately 60, fans. In operation: Switzerland. His experiences with the pump in his private home were overwhelmingly positive, which is why he also decided to use heat pumps when building two apartment blocks.

Mr Egli — pondering ecological questions is in your blood: You studied at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich to become a chemical engineer and completed your studies with krémové přísady doctorate degree. When it comes to answering questions regarding heating, you have more than just technical knowledge.

With regard to heat pumps — can Dr. Max Egli you outline what you know? Usin biogaz suisse anti aging Egli: A heat pump is not usin biogaz suisse anti aging interesting in terms of ecology, but saving money too.

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In terms of maintenance, it requires practically no effort or outlay and it is easy to manage. I can use one adjective to describe the operation: problem-free. A heat pump practically runs by itself. For the two three-floor apartment buildings that you have had built in accordance with kde koupit kolagen proti stárnutí krém Minergie-P standard, you ® chose both a Hoval Thermalia twin geothermal energy pump and a Hoval Thermalia ® twin ground water heat pump as well as a litre hot water reservoir.

How do the 18 people renting the apartments benefit from this technology? Max Egli: I calculated the operating costs in advance — they are very low. As such, the ancillary expenses for the renters remain relatively low. What was on offer was attractive at any rate: all of the apartments were rented out within two months. In the case of a total heated area of mthis results in annual electricity costs of just 3.

This is an extremely low number compared with the average amount calculated by a Swiss consultancy firm; on the basis of a random sample of more than 37, apartments, 2 the study reveals costs of The two Hoval Thermalia twinÂŽ systems function without coolants, which is much more environmentally friendly.

Max Egli Bivalent systems are gaining in popularity remarkably quickly. Can you imagine a system with two heat generators or two energy sources? Max Egli: Definitely. I am going to combine the two heat pumps with photovoltaics. The respective cables have already been installed. At the moment, the power rating of such systems is adequate but is not yet in line with my ideas.

This is likely to change over the usin biogaz suisse anti aging few years. Hoval stays on course until all hurdles have been overcome The wellness hotel, Panorama Royal, in the Austrian municipality of Bad Häring is a source of energy and power — now in the literal sense too: A Hoval combined heat and power plant generates the electricity required whilst also independently covering the heating requirements.

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The situation could not continue as it was: with every extension made to the wellness hotel, which opened inthe electricity costs increased, and at peak times, they sky-rocketed. As such, the owners decided to approach the problem holistically. Two years passed from the initial idea to the implementation of the extraordinary project.

Experts from Hoval Austria monitored the project from the very beginning and lent their support to the building owner and the installer, Michael Fössinger from Kufstein, throughout the planning, decision, authorisation and installation process. The complexity of the entire system Quiet operation verified Insights No. They were also able to prove to the public authorities that the Hoval PowerBloc combined heat and power plant The project required an extremely high degree of coordination. Even cooperating with the authorities was demanding, as such systems are not run-of-the-mill.

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Christoph Trauner in-house technician at the wellness hotel Panorama Royal The Hoval PowerBloc combined heat and power plant generates electricity and heat and is designed for extremely cost-effective operations with natural gas and biogas.

Custom-made energy production In order to precisely ascertain the actual energy requirements, electricity and gas consumption was measured and analysed over several weeks with the aim of determining what would be the right Hoval Mýdla proti mrkve module size to use.

The target was a run time of more than operating hours per year. The control unit for the system was designed so that it would take into account both electricity and heat requirements so that energy is only produced in the quantity that is actually consumed.

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The floating PowerBloc One of the biggest challenges during the implementation process was not disrupting ongoing hotel operations. This was no easy task — after all, the Hoval PowerBloc system, which weighs more than two tonnes, had to be lifted over the main building by means of a crane due to the constricted space available on-site. Coordination during the installation phase presented another challenge as the existing heating system had to be incorporated into the complete system and all components were optimally coordinated with one another.

The remarkably low sound level of the Hoval PowerBloc noticeably surprised the system operators — and they are still astounded today by how quietly the system runs. Uniting what nature has to offer with what it needs Insights No. Those who go up via the aerial cableway may choose to stay overnight at this new hotel at the lower terminus on the Schwägalp, which incorporates environmentally friendly technology. Oil-fired boiler for peak loads Short construction time, sophisticated concept: 30 geothermal probes supply thermal energy from a depth of up usin biogaz suisse anti aging m.

The heat pump can provide around two-thirds of the heating requirements. For peaks in consumption, Hoval Switzerland supplied the hotel with three oil condensing boilers each with an output of kW. The nearby lower terminus of the aerial cableway is also connected to the heating system.

The circular flow of geothermal energy A percentage of the geothermal energy provided by the Earth is returned: A kW regeneration system, connected to the front of the lower terminus of the aerial cableway, uses the geothermal probes to put geothermal energy from the ventilation system back into the earth on warm days.

The waste heat from the additional cooling system and deep-chill system is transferred to the water, thereby reducing the amount of energy required for producing domestic hot water.

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This is what sustainability is all about — and can also be seen both in and outside of the hotel in purely aesthetic terms: The materials used and the architectural style make reference to the region, its building tradition usin biogaz suisse anti aging its people and yet create their very own identity at the same time, each sharing characteristics that thoughtfully unite nature and the hospitality industry.

In operation: Romania. Living with a good ecological conscience Ecology and luxury can work hand in hand. Guided by concepts of high energy efficiency and climate protection, the parties involved in initiating the luxury residence project contacted Hoval Romania. The experts at Hoval welcomed the requirements and added a few more: The system that they assembled incorporates state-of-the-art components.

Two energy storage systems each with a volumetric capacity of l and a hot water usin biogaz suisse anti aging for l are used in conjunction with these.

Low heating costs Hoval Romania also examined the system very carefully in regards to the cost. The calculations have shown that a three-bedroom residence with an 2 area of around 80 m can be supplied Insights No.

The assessment system and methods refer to the sustainability of buildings. Apartments of every size Located in the Gheorgheni quarter, the ten-story building offers apartments with floor areas between 45 and 2 m — all with a balcony, terrace or seating area.

Along with the 91 apartments, there is a spa, a two-story underground car park and two shopping levels. In operation: Germany. A place that encourages reflection, contemplation and intercommunion usin biogaz suisse anti aging well as a site that uses resources carefully and interacts with nature responsibly — with this sustainable approach, the Protestant Academy Bad Boll heats its rooms and water supply with two Hoval BioLyt wood pellet ® boiler, with a Hoval UltraGas condensing boiler also being used to cover peak loads.

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The system is connected in cascade. A buffer tank completes the system, which is ® controlled by a TopTronic controller. Pellet storage on the first floor So how does a building that looks like a chapel incorporate all of the heating components and, above all, storage space for the wood pellets?

There are three boilers in total as well as a buffer tank — all of which are located on the ground 3 floor. On the first floor, there is a m pellet storage area that accommodates around 80 tonnes of pellets.

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The Protestant Academy Bad Boll — which welcomes and additionally caters for 20, daytime Francorchamps mini models lákají krém proti stárnutí overnight guests every year — consumes approximately tonnes of pellets per year. Surrounded by old trees, the structure is located in the park for the academy. In this area, the building makes people curious to go in — it makes people linger.

In operation: Austria.