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Gajewski, Henryk Henryk Gajewski born is an artist, a photographer, a film director, a theoretician, and a cultural activist. In the years he ran the Galeria Remont and subsequently, untilthe Post Remont gallery, an experimental arts and education podnik Mercenaire suisse anti aging open to new trends in culture. Soon after the introduction of martial law, he emigrated to the Netherlands where he lives today.

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Gajewski was born in Białystok. Initially Gajweski conformed with conceptualism, dominant in contemporary art at that time, however he would gradually turn towards sociocultural contexts and conditions of artistic activities. Already in his first exhibition at Remont Gajewski titled Ona Her in he confronted two types of images of women: from the press and popular newspapers and those made by kindergarten and primary school-age children.

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The work featured blank spaces, which were to be filled in the subsequent years with photographs taken at various locations and in different situations as his daughter grew up.

Gajewski's fascination with child's imagination manifested itself most significantly in Other Child Book Inna książka dla dziecka a project carried out between and with participation of artists from 29 countries i. The books that had been sent in were presented in at the Palace of Culture and Science and in the main hall of Warsaw University of Technology.

The aim of the initiative was to create books for podnik Mercenaire suisse anti aging that would instil sensitivity and creativity, thus substituting textbooks, which teach submission and routine. Gajweski organised actions and workshops with children dedicating great attention as to how stimulating creativity can impact and the social reality.

podnik Mercenaire suisse anti aging

Educational work and activities were just one of many means that Gajewski used in an attempt to escape the ivory tower of modernist art. Others included playing with audience, as in case of the fictitious meeting with Andy Warhol in Also, as a part of the hoax, even a luxury apartment at one of high-profile Warsaw hotels was to be rented for Warhol.

Once the audience gathered podnik Mercenaire suisse anti aging large numbers at Galeria Remont at the time indicated on the posters, it turned out the American artist did not arrive. It was the first review of performance art of such extent in Central and Eastern Europe. It was this event that contributed to the establishment of performance art as an art category as such. Gajewski worked closely with Jan Świdziński and shared his concept of contextual art — an art consisting primarily of communication between persons in various situations and negotiating meanings between different contexts.

podnik Mercenaire suisse anti aging

The communication aspect of art seems to be crucial for Gajewski, which partially explains his interest in punk. Gajweski perceived punk, with all its vividness, expression, and provocativeness, as an extremely significant manifestation of social life, a popular culture phenomenon, which could not be disregarded. It hosted concerts and Sound Clubs rock, world, reggae, and ska music eventsas well as meetings of fans and artists.

Gajewski photographed the colourful punk community, shot films with musicians, e. Meanwhile, inGalleria Remont closed down and was replaced by Post Remont, a centre focused on education and cultural activism, open to new trends, styles, and genres, breaking with a typical profile of a gallery.

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Punky, experimental Post Remont was an act of defiance both aimed at the world of conceptual art, visibly exhausted in the late s, and at the trivial and idle popular culture offered by entertainment industry. Its activities were interrupted by the introduction of the nosní záhyb law in December Shortly afterwards, at the beginning of the following year Gajewski left for Amsterdam, where he continued his artistic activities.

He presented his complicated life story in Identity, a film addressing the issues of origins, religion, language, and fatherland from the perspective of a Polish immigrant in Amsterdam. Esperanto was designed as an international language. SinceI have lived in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Here I communicate with people in English.

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My children, Eliza and Pierre, write to me in French and I answer them by recording my voice on an audio cassette I cannot write in French. I was taught Russian for 11 years, as was every educated Polish citizen, but I cannot identify myself with that language.

Slowly but surely I am forgetting my mother tongue and, at the same time, my English is too poor for me to adequately express myself. His works were presented at i. Apart from his artistic pursuits, Gajewski runs a tango dance school.

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His activities in the s and early s were met with unappreciative and distrustful reactions of the authorities of Polish People's Republic.