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Davis Street Telephones: Res. Rud C. Matejka Rt. Tillie Helmcamp West 32nd St. Frank Brdecka Rt. Unsolicited material for publication cannot be returned unless sufficient postage is attached.

This includes pictures. Maxine Pavliska Route 2, Box Floresville, Texas Wednesday, January 20, fraternalists, we, least of all, should not adopt this same a sloučenina proti stárnutí. Let us not cease to care for our fellowmen. Let us not turn our back:, on the affairs of OUT local lodge with lofty disdain.

Some people are married to television sets. They won't miss a TV show if Hades freezes over. To such people trivia becomes their mainstay and sole nourisher of all values. They have really lost contact with the rest of the world beyond the television tube.

Nothing short elf disaster will shake them from their lethargy. It appears then, that the ball is in the lap of our younger members. If they display a genuine interest in lodge affairs, no fairminded older member will attempt to censure him or fail to support then: good intentions.

Go to the meetings, speak your piece, do your part, become a part of something worthwhileand mjsr suisse anti aging will find your own niche in due time. Standing on the sidelines when there are things to be done will not help much, especially when the extent of your participation is confined to a few well-placed gripes and digs at the members in the work.

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Good ideas and suggestions tend to fall on good ground; someone will listen and join your cause. The ball is in your court. This is your challenge Of and beyond. Make sure you make them feel welcome and wanted.

Notice them. Ask them their opinions on matters. Ask them to serve in some office or on some committee.

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You certainly can't expect them to return if they are given a cold shoulder and ignored. And remember, it's amazing how mjsr suisse anti aging people can accomplish if no one cares who gets the credit. This then, is your challenge for Much of the year-to-year increases Wednesday, January 20, in total amounts of life insurance purchased have been due to the fact that, for nearly a decade and a half,! The average size new ordinary policy has nearly doubled during the past ten years.

Families usually own more than one policy.

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Leading life insurance executives cite the nation's growing prosperity and the higher incomes of many families as a major reason for purchases of larger policies. Families need more protection and can afford more. In this way, families can often reduce their overall life insurance costs by purchasing larger amounts of protection at a time. Burial was Mjsr suisse anti aging Hill Cemetery in Dallas.

So on January 10th, we did just that. The attendance at Lodge 92 also known as "National Hall," or the "Bohemian Club"was quite large, and the meeting was a very interesting one.

Year-end reports were given by the various committees and several important matters were discussed.

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They have 3 social members. During15 new adult members were obtained and 14 juveniles. There were 5 losses due to death in Lodge 92 is having some difficulty in launching an active youth club. Var- Br and C ions ideas and plans have been tried, but somehow have failed to lure the youngsters away from their other preoccupations.

Сердце Николь отчаянно колотилось. Она ясно вспоминала ту самую встречу с октопауком, когда ей пришлось извлекать Кэти из логова этих созданий на Раме II. Как и тогда, она ощущала только потребность бежать. Она стиснула руку Ричарда, пока оба они глядели на инопланетян.

However, mjsr mjsr suisse anti aging anti aging Membership is determined to keep trying and elected Sister Mary Paprskar as their youth leader for the coming year. She will need all the support and help she can get. The young people are there; a way must be found to get them interested in lodge activities.

There is no magic formula for this. What works in one locality will not be as success. As was pointed out young people in lay g e cities have more means of entertainment and things to keep their minds occupied while youngsters in the rural areas seem to take more readily to youth activities.

However, this pattern does not hold true in some of our lodges either, because some of our lodges in our large cities have some of the most active youth clubs. It defies logical explanation. At any rate, Lodge 92 is going to keep trying. The meeting at Lodge was well under way when I arrived. The attendance was light. Lodge holds its meetings in the ,Slokol Hall, right under 4 the water tower, just off Azle Avenue in northwest Fort Worth.

The lodge has over adult members and juvenile members. Duringthe lodge mjsr suisse anti aging 22 adult members and 43 juveniles. Four members passed away in ; there were no transfers out of the lodge. Twenty-eight members hold paid-up policies. The lodge has an active youth club under the leadership of Sister Mary Reno.

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To Brothers Paprskar and the membership at Lodge 92, I am sorry that I had to miss most of your social hour in order to proceed over to the other lodge. You were very kind and hospitable. It was an honor to install the officers at both lodges. It was nice seeing all the Milans at and exchanging ideas and views with them For the officers and committees of both lodges, see the accompanying pictures. Annie Langer — Resolution Com.


Front: Alex Bunker — Auditing Com. Brother Danek will be 82 years young on February He has been a member of the SPST well over 50 years. Their three girls, Marie, Carole, and Yvette have h- en members since shortly after birth. The entire family are members of Lodge No.

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Ernest is also flagbearer for the lodge. Sister Lukasik is the new assistant youth leader to Sister Jecmenek, the new youth leader of Lodge Sister Lukasik states, "we will do our best in Their three children, Paul, Herman, and Peggy, are also members. They all belong to Lodge No.

mjsr suisse anti aging

Sister Jecmenek is the new youth leader at Lodgea job that she enjoys very much. She and her assistant hope to have an interesting program fore the youth this year. This is my first letter to the Vestnik, since I am the newly elected reporter. I hope to do as well as the reporter before me, and to give a good report about what's happening.

Our last meeting was held Sunday, January 10 at 3 p. We had very good attendance, but we would like to see even more members turn out. Mjsr suisse anti aging missed a lot when you and your family don't come vady proti stárnutí our president, Antone Pavelka has been getting new bands which are just starting in the business.

We bring a covered dish and eat around or 5 p. The bands auditioning were The Convertibles, which are on the order of The Beatles. They have only three members. Man, what music! It really did send the young kids. The Nemec Musical Playmates, a polka and waltz band, were equally good. They played other types of music, too.

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They are: Robert Kocurek, Rosemary Marek. The two bands are available for public appearances.

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Visitors recognized were Sisters and Brothers Mr. Jerry Kocurek, Mr. Edmund Marek, Mr. George Marek, Mr. Vine Nemec, Mr. Sister Ruby Pavelka reported on our Youth Club. Incidentally, they are doing very well. She thanked every mother who in any way helped make the Youth Club Christmas party a success and anyone who helped during The chairmen from the different committees made their yearly reports and thanked everyone for their cooperation.

Without the help of each individual of the lodge they could not have made that fine report. The sick people the lodge knew about were all doing well.

Most of them are up and getting about. Two of them were mjsr suisse anti aging the lodge meeting.

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Nice going. Chairman of the trustees, Brother Lodge officers at Lodge No.

Abstract This paper deals with two Turco-Egyptian expeditions sent to Sudan by the Egyptian viceroy Muhammad c Alí Pasha at the turn of the second decade of the th century. The second campaign was led by his son-in-law Muhammad bey Khusraw ad-daftardár and captured Kordofán.

Frani: Anna Milan — financial secretary, Mary Rale — treasurer. Vernon Woods, discussed with members present about putting insulated, siding on the outside walls of the hall. He wanted the members to come to the next meeting to decide this. The tin, if the project goes through, will be given to whoever takes it down. The new officers were installed. We want to thank the nominating committee for a job well done. If those of you who are in arrears with your donations will pay upwe will not have to raise the assessments and we can avoid a lot of worry and headaches.

Send your payments to the address below. Fraternally yours, Julius Ovesny, Secy. Cemetery Assn. The phones are ringing; everyone wants to know more about it!

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The opening dates are February 20th and 21st, so please mark these dates on your calendar. Then on Sunday, February Rilsher and his Rhythm. Kings playing the old time and modern music. Watch the Vestnik for more details. It will be held after the meeting of odge Karel Jonas No.

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This annual meeting is of utmost importance to everyone concerned.