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They are nevertheless at risk of extinction due to the wood industry. According to the director, in order to reach an improved understanding of the Baobab situation in Madagascar, it is important to observe both the trees and their environment. Despite its occasional slow pace, the travel and popular science documentary fittingly characterizes the unique ecosystem which also incorporates the Baobab trees. At least for now. The audience of AFO will be able to fly through space, observe never seen before images from the Hubble Telescope in 3D and look into the heart of the International Space Station.

Flights to space and the ISS are international enterprises which go beyond national borders and leave petty disputes far behind on Earth. Kód avantage cyrillus suisse proti stárnutí to Space 3D is primarily aimed at an audience of science entertainment centres and schools. The film follows the work of experts and the artistic activity of designers as they prepare the replica, working at achieving maximum fidelity to the original paintings.

Thanks to modern technology, they are able to discover remarkable details and present interesting hypotheses concerning the authors and meanings of the works of art. The history of human imagination and creativity still seems to have new surprises to offer. Debates concerning visual smog, whether in the sense of space overload caused by advertising or due to the intensity of public lighting in cities, have been on the increase lately. Equally important, however, is the noise pollution which often escapes our conscious notice.

Silence, in contrast, has always been natural for humans and it was only with onset of the Industrial Revolution that it began to be increasingly scarce in our lives. Silence is the core of meditation techniques, eastern tea rituals or an iconic composition written by the experimental composer John Cage. Kalkalpen National Park is the largest continuous forested area in Austria.

The filmmakers spent more than two years in this area, shooting the diverse fauna and flora.

Thanks to the natural ecosystem of the forest, several rare species may return to this area. The main protagonists in the film are thus the animals of various positions in the food chain. The authors were able to observe the Eurasian lynx, who returned to the forest inover all of the seasons. The detailed shots of burrows, nests and dens of representatives of Alpine fauna demonstrate the reasons why the forest should be allowed to grow on its own.

Molecular scientists, robotics engineers, computer specialists, mathematical geniuses, medical researchers, aircraft designers and artists or astrophysicists across three continents, have all shown how origami principles can be applied in their fields.

Folding, however, has its origin in nature. Not only plants and animals but human organs, proteins and DNA structure use this technique as well. Analysing the individual components of the diet and the behaviour of sick chimpanzees contributes to the development of new medicine. It is nevertheless still worth observing natural systems and learning from animals who are so similar to humans.

A number of people suspect that it is not their best friends or life partners who know them the best, but actually Google. Scientists can obtain information about our routes, the length of our calls or even the applications we use and to what end. It appears in myths and legends of all cultures on the kód avantage cyrillus suisse proti stárnutí. It has also become part of the international political rivalry of the uložení dividend 20suisse proti stárnutí century and has forever changed the perspective with which we look at the Earth.

Despite abundant research, it still has something to offer and questions about its existence still employ both scientists and humanity itself. The author approaches the topic quite unusually by combining scientific facts with an almost melancholic form of narration. He perceives the Moon through the lens of human history and does not overlook its importance throughout the years up to the present. In the first episode we watch the creation of an artwork, in which every aspect of the process was composed using computers and hard science.

These journeys led to the discovery and description of the phenomenon we know as global warming. People in the Czech Republic will be able to see the film in cinemas in May. Under the pretext of neurological research, German parents during World War II were forced to officially register every child even slightly different from the dictated norm.

What happened to those children? How could doctors lie to mothers, encouraging them to send their sometimes even completely healthy children for treatment? And what did they learn about the fate of their children afterwards? It gives space to both specialists as well as witnesses to this tragedy.

The film gently uses animated sequences in moments where reality would hit the viewer too hard, and thus complements the tragic stories of the children who served the beastly intentions of Nazi neurologists. The filmmakers also try to find out how sexual diversity and the experience of sexual pleasure itself can contribute or be even the key to species survival.

Birds, bees, giraffes, monkeys, humans all have one thing in common. They all, or, at least, most of them, do that one thing. The filmmakers are not fully convinced of kód kód avantage cyrillus suisse proti stárnutí cyrillus suisse proti stárnutí statement.

Do the human mating rituals differ from the rituals of other species? Is it true that males are naturally promiscuous while females tend toward monogamy?

Specialists on mating rituals Marlene Zuk, Meredith Chivers and James Pfaus will reveal the research results which will shred these preconceptions about human sexuality to pieces.

The film answers everything you have always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask. For wider society, this process brings certain unexpected changes in the understanding of natural processes. The story of the genesis of new matter begins in the inanimate world, which is becoming an unparalleled living substance under kód avantage cyrillus suisse proti stárnutí influence of humanity.

Viewers will discover previously unknown findings and learn about the history of nuclear fission. Some of the fundamental parts of the documentary were filmed in the Czech Republic in collaboration with Palacky University and Academia Film Olomouc. In one of the most highly regarded documentaries of the last year we will, consequently, visit not only the depths of Jachymov mines and hills, which have experienced Communist camps, but also Australia, Fukushima, Chernobyl and other places fatally connected with the nucleus.

How did Einstein come up with his grandest theories in physics? How did his thoughts connected to the most important scientific discoveries evolve? Einstein foresaw the existence of gravitational waves. These are created by collisions of black holes and were scientifically discovered for the first time in Their monitoring was enabled by the LIGO detector.

The fact that kód avantage cyrillus suisse proti stárnutí presented information is topical is demonstrated by PBS having first published an online documentary on You Tube to ensure they would be the first to present the results of the paleontological research.

The audience will be drawn into the context by the carefully communicated kód avantage cyrillus suisse proti stárnutí information as well as the excitement of the expedition participants.

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Who would have guessed that crawling in holes in dark caves and finding fossilized skeletal remains could be such an exciting activity. As well as managing media and communication activities, she looks after the successful Scientists. She has considerable marketing experience in higher education and in the private sector.

Her tertiary education marketing teams have won a number of awards from bodies such as the Art Directors Club and The Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic. Research by Lucie Cesalkova focuses on the past and the present of the Czech documentary film.

Writes on all flavours of science, from physics through biomedicine to science policy and ethics. Freelancer at present, works mainly as an author and editor of Vesmir magazine.

Currently he stays with the Department of Optics. He is the deputy head of department and scientific secretary of the Research Center for Optics. His research experience include the fields of theoretical quantum optics, nonlinear optics, quantum theory of measurement, interferometry, quantum estimation and tomography.

He is an author or co-author of about sixty papers and one monography.

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Kód avantage cyrillus suisse proti stárnutí to their attributes, large beasts of prey dominate the advertising industry as well as bloody medieval legends. Only modern science has revealed, however, that predators play an indispensable role in the ecosystem. This is one of the reasons why there are efforts to reintroduce endangered species back into the wild where they used to belong. While the number of wolves is slowly rising in neighbouring countries, it is continually fluctuating in the Czech Republic.

They monitor the Czech carnivores all year round and patrol the remote areas of the borderlands. In the past humans needed to be protected from wild animals, today it is the carnivores that need to be protected from humans. May a hormonal contraception alter the way we sense our partner? People have kód avantage cyrillus suisse proti stárnutí come to terms with the fact that biochemical processes are to blame for our behaviour, our sense of happiness and unhappiness or love. These two hormones are daily taken in the form of a birth control pill by a million women in the Czech Republic alone.

What did they find out? Do these pills actually affect our lives?

The journal is published 2-times a year.

Can one contribute to the topic of Jan Hus with something new even years after his burning? The historian Pavel Helan and the documentary filmmaker Petra Nesvacilova are of opinion that it is possible because Jan Hus actually lived more than one life. The second life of this ecclesiastical reformer began at the moment of his death at the stake in Constance in Each regime and every era adjusted Hus to its own image.

The documentary The House Dedicated to Dreams presents the National Technical Museum in Prague as one of the most important cultural, architectural and first and foremost national monuments in the Czech Republic. David Vavra, the editor and active reporter, first shows the audience around Prague and then around the museum complex in an amusing but at the same time educational way.