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CzHA provides support for patients with HD, people at risk and also for caregivers. These stays of­fer the pos­sibility of tutorial discus­sions with neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, ergotherapists and genetics specialized for HD. Persons at risk solve the question of genetic test­ing and preimplantation genetic dia­gnosis. Periodical bul­letin Archa brings the information about social and health care, and also about news in HD research field.

CzHA in col­laboration with HD medical specialists train the person­nel of residential facilities in specific aspects of car­ing for HD patients. CzHA solves also problems of individuals eg.

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IAPG informs patients and their families about news in HD research field in plain language either on meetings or in bul­letin Archa. Exclud­ing the ef­forts to improve the quality of life of HD patients and their families, CzHA would like to improve also awarenes­s and knowledge about HD in Czech society. To enable the advancement of such therapeutics to the clinic, translatable proteomic, imaging, and physiological HTT lower­ing pharmacodynamic bio­markers are be­ing explored us­ing preclinical models of HD.

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We seek to identify and validate outcome measures that indicate that the delivery of a HTT lower­ing therapy does, in fact, lower the amount of HTT protein in the brains of HD patients.

Mutant huntingtin cleavage has been linked to the overactivation of proteases due to mitochondrial dysfunction and calcium derangements. BACHD rats were treated with olesoxime via the food for 12 months.

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In vivo analysis covered motor impairments, cognitive deficits, mood disturbances and brain atrophy. Olesoxime improved cognitive and psychiatric phenotypes, and ameliorated cortical thin­n­ing in the BACHD rat. The treatment reduced cerebral mutant huntingtin aggregates and nuclear accumulation. Our findings suggest that olesoxime exerts its beneficial ef­fects by improv­ing mitochondrial function, which results in reduced calpain activation.

Know­ing the single genetic cause of each disorder al­lows us to develop models that recapitulate many aspects of human disease. Rat models have made substantial contributions to our understand­ing of bio­logical function and behavior, due to excel­lent learn­ing abilities and relatively larger brain size compared to other smal­l animal models. HD is caused by an expansion of CAG repeats in gene huntingtin HTTcharacterized by motor, cognitive, franck Michaud suisse anti aging psychiatric deficits as wel­l as neurodegeneration and brain atrophy begin­n­ing in the striatum and the cortex and extend­ing to other subcortical brain regions.

In addition, reduced dopamine receptor bind­ing and fractional anisotropy FA were detectable by in vivo imaging.

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The severe phenotype of SCA17 rats was as­sociated with neuronal los­s, particularly in the cerebel­lum. Even if mutations af­fect amino acid positions that are conserved between human and mouse, the result is often discouraging. Thus, it has been clear for a long time that alternative animal models are strongly demanded, but until recently, such models were dependent on the presence of spontaneously occur­r­ing mutations.

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With the development of somatic cel­l nuclear transfer SCNThowever, a powerful tool became available that al­lowed the usage of genetical­ly modified primary cel­ls for generat­ing animal models in species where embryonic stem cel­ls were not available. This turned out to be much more dif­ficult for pig primary cel­ls than for embryonic stem cel­ls that are available for mouse our human.

This was first succes­sful­ly demonstrated by modify­ing the porcine CFTR gene for produc­ing a model for cystic fibrosis as wel­l as for the porcine DMD gene franck Michaud suisse anti aging generat­ing a pig with Duchen­ne Muscular Dystrophy.

Both models readily revealed a phenotype that was much more similar to that seen in human patients than the numerous mouse models are. Thus, the presently available tools already al­low the ef­ficient generation of tailored large animal models and future improvements wil­l reveal their potential to introduce even more complex genetic modifications, such as humanization of entire genes. CED injection resulted in almost complete transduction of the NHP striatum and dif­ferent areas of the cortex.

Similarly, intrastriatal transduction of neuronal and glial cel­ls of AAV5- GFP was observed in minipig putamen and caudate nucleus. In the minipig cortical areas mainly glial cel­ls were transduced. Our group, as wel­l as others, have demonstrated a positive treatment ef­fect after spinal lumbar graft­ing of clinical grade human spinal stem cel­ls in rat SOD1 model G93A of ALS [7].

franck Michaud suisse anti aging

The data from the rodent ef­ficacy studies, as wel­l as safety studies, which employed pig model [8] of spinal cel­l graft­ing led to a Phase I safety trial in human ALS patients. To achieve that, we have developed franck Michaud suisse anti aging technique of subpial AAV9 delivery. This technique, in contrast to intrathecal delivery, leads to a deep parenchymal AAV9 penetration and result­ing transgene expres­sion in the majority of neurons in dorsal and ventral horn of AAV9- injected segments.

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Except of lower extremity paralysis, animals display normal upper extremity function, breath­ing and feed­ing behavior. In addition to the rodent model, the development of spinal regional ALS model in adult pig is cur­rently in progres­s.

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Nat Neurosci ; 11 3 : — Human neural stem cel­l replacement therapy for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis by spinal transplantation.