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    Article 3 of Law No. Should the annual income of the business partner Incaricato exceed EUR 5, Furthermore, if the annual income exceeds EUR 5, If the business partner Incaricato carries out a door-to-door home sales activity for another company, the business partner is obliged to immediately report this activity, including the gross annual income, as soon as he or she has the relevant information.

    In addition, TYCOON69 is entitled to assert a right of retention with regard to the payment of commissions if not all required documents are available before the first payment, e.

    Chavannes les Forts suisse anti aging

    In the event of TYCOON69 exercising the right zbavte se bezpečnosti xp retention of commission payments, it is deemed agreed that the business partner is not entitled to any Chavannes les Forts suisse anti aging for the period of commission retention. The business partner is entitled to offset if the counter-claims are undisputed or legally established.

    Burdening the agreement with third-party rights is not permitted, insofar as mandatorily applicable law does not state otherwise.

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    All commission claims arise from the current compensation plan, which the business partner can retrieve in its back office, and which can be viewed in the back office from time to time. Incorrect commission amounts, bonuses or other payments must be communicated in writing to TYCOON69 within 60 days of the defective payment.

    After this date, the commission amounts, bonuses or other payments are deemed to have been approved.